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The Japan Equestrian Archery Association has presented yabusame performance to foreign dignitaries, including several Presidents of the United States of America. The Association also has experiences going abroad for performance such as to Bahrain in December 2002 and to Oman in January 2006. The photos are of April 24, 2014 when President Barack Obama of the United States visited Meiji Jingu shrine to see yabusame during his state visit.


Master Y. Koike demonstrates archery on horseback in front of President Barack Obama.


President Barack Obama crosses the racing ground from his seat and shakes hands with the archers. 


Yabusame Events of 2017

Kawasaki Racecourse Yabusame Kishashiki 
January 3 (Tue.)

The archer gallops Suisei in Subase (without the shooting).

The archer prepares to shoot from Hachiryu, an offspring of the racing horse Mejiro McQueen.


Odawara Plum Festival Yabusame Ritual
February 11  (Sat.)

Master Koike performing Subase at the plum valley Soga, amid the plum grove.

Master Koike beats the drum at the recording tower. Drum beat Ha-no-Taiko is given to announce Subase,Tome-no-Taiko to announce the end of the archery on horseback. The drum is also beaten to announce the hits.


Kamakura Festival Yabusame Ritual 
April 16 (Sun.)


The archers march towards the Maiden where the ritual takes place.

Scene of Kaburaya-hoken. The magistrate dedicates the turnip-headed arrow with an iron head to the priest.

The archer aims at the second target in Kyosha ( competitive archery ) where the devil mask is removed from the Kimen ayahigasa hat.

On that day, ‘Contact time ‘ with the archer and horse took place for students living in Kamakura or attending school in Kamakura. The students listened to the lecture and took photos with the archer and the horse.


Fuji Omurosengen Jinja Yabusame Ritual  
April 29 (Sat.)


Scene of Subase. Depending on the year, the Yabusame is performed under cherry blossoms in full bloom.

Scene from Gaijin no shiki. The archer with best score holds the target for inspection. (This ceremony is said to mean an inspection of the exterminated evil spirits. )


Miura Dosun Festival Kasagake 
May 28  (Sun.)


The archer shoots through the wooden target. The headgear in Kasagake is Gosannen Eboshi, instead of the Kimen ayahigasa in Yabusame.

The archer preparing Metesugai in Kasagake. The target is placed at the right side , opposite the left hand that holds the bow.


Mishima Taisha Yabusame Ritual 
August 17  (Thu.)

The archers of Mishima Taisha Shrine harness the horse with Omogai, an ornament on the head of the horse before the ritual.

Scene of the ritual at the main shrine of Mishima Taisha attended by all the participants. The archery on horseback takes place after the purification ceremony.

After the ceremony, the Mishima Taisha priest leads the procession to purify the horse riding course .

The archer of Mishima Taisha draws out an arrow from his waist for the next target. In the Yabusame Ritual of Mishima Taisha, the priests also participate as archers.


Samukawa Jinja Yabusame Ritual 
September 19  (Tue.)

In the ceremony of Umaarai, the legs of the horses are purified. It is a valuable ritual that takes place at Samukawa Jinja , based on the transmitted tradition. The rider is the Chief Priest of Shirahata Jinja , a former Samukawa Jinja priest.

The archer, priest of Samukawa Jinja, performs Subase on his debut. The horse named Heian belongs to the Shrine.

Archers in procession. The first rider is Master Koike, the second and third riders are priests of the Samukawa Jinja.

Scene of Naorai. After the Yabusame Ritual, all the participants take a ship of the blessed sake.


Kamigamo Jinja Kasagake Ritual 
October 15  (Sun.)

Scene of Yashirofuri no gi. The act is based on the tradition to decide the participating order of the archers by withdrawing the arrows from behind the back.

The archer aims at the target in Yundesugai. Kamigamo Jinja is the only Shrine that dedicates Kasagake as ritual.

The archer aims at the target in Metesugai. In the olden manuscript of Kamigamo Jinja, it is mentioned that the Retired Emperor Gotoba performed Kasagake here.

After the function, a meeting with the participating archers took place as ‘Supporting Tokyo 2020 Propgram.’ Inspite of the rain, more than 50 people attended the meeting , making it succeessful. The photo is of a couple with the participants after the meeting.


Meiji Jingu Yabusame Ritual 
November 3 (Fri.)

The archer shoots through the Shiki no mato target.

The archers line up for the Gaijin no shiki ceremony

As magistrate of Yabusame, President Sakamoto of the Association receives a testimonial from Meiji Jingu for the long years of dedication.

 Same as Kamigamo Jinja, after the function a meeting with the participating archers took place as ‘Supporting Tokyo 2020 Program.’ More than 60 people attended the meeting, making it a success.

Meet the Horses’ at Negishi Horce Race Memorial Park 
November 5 (Sun.)

Tencho chikyu no shiki. Kaburaya is fixed to the bow which is drawn to the full moon aiming to the sky and to the ground. World peace, good harvest and people’s health are prayed for.

The archer shoots through the target in Metesugai which requires a high technique.


Zushi Beach Yabusame Kishashiki 
November 19 (Sun.)

The archer prepares to shoot. As the performance takes place at the beach, there are people watching from the sea.

The clay target is hit during Kyosha, the competitive archery.




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