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The Japan Equestrian Archery Association has presented yabusame performance to foreign dignitaries, including several Presidents of the United States of America. The Association also has experiences going abroad for performance such as to Bahrain in December 2002 and to Oman in January 2006. The photos are of April 24, 2014 when President Barack Obama of the United States visited Meiji Jingu shrine to see yabusame during his state visit.


Master Y. Koike demonstrates archery on horseback in front of President Barack Obama.


President Barack Obama crosses the racing ground from his seat and shakes hands with the archers. 


Yabusame Events of 2016

Kawasaki Racecourse Yabusame Kishashiki 
January 3 (Sun.)


On January 3, the riding course for yabusame is prepared in the dart course of Kawasaki Racecourse for Yabusame Kishashiki, as annual event.



The Yabusame Kishashiki can be observed by the Kawasaki Dream Vision from seats away from the event ground. In 2009, when the Kawasaki Dream Vision was installed, it was recorded as the biggest in Guiness World Records.



Odawara Plum Festival Yabusame Ritual
February 11  (Thu.)


A scene of the ritual taking place. The participants attend the worship at the altar installed by the riding course.



Kaburaya hoken. The magistrate is dedicating  the  turnip-headed arrow called kaburaya with a metal tip used later in the ceremony to the Shinto priest.



Kamakura Festival Yabusame Ritual 
April 17 (Sun.)


The controller of magistrates on horseback march in the riding course accompanied by the participants. In the Kamakura Festival Yabusame Ritual, a guest is invited to be the controller of magistrates.



The ite, or the archers are marching. The procession is headed by Master Y. Koike, followed by archer J. Hasegawa from the Samukawa Shrine.



Fuji Omurosengen Jinja Yabusame Ritual  
April 29 (Fri.)


On April 29, yabusame ritual takes place at Sikkogo Park near the Fuji Omurosengen Jinja, as annual event. In some years the performance is held under the cherry blossom blizzard.



The archer is ready to shoot. Many spectators visit the ritual that takes place at the lakeside of Lake Kawaguchi.



Equine Cultural Affairs Foundation Yabusame・Kasagake
May 5th (Thu.)


The archer makes a hit with metesugai style. Kasagake was demonstrated at the Negishi Horse  Race Memorial Park.



After the archery on horseback demonstration, the spectators could take pictures with the archers  in the Park . The long waiting line ment that the event was a success.



Miura Dosun Festival Kasagake 
May 29  (Sun.)


The ground in Araihama Aburatsubo is very near the Arai Castle where the Miura Clan came to an end. Before the kasagake performance a service is held in memory of the perished  Miura Clan .



Ceremony of Yashiroburi The ceremony bases on the ancient practice of determining the order of participation by drawing out arrows held in the hands behind the back.



Ueda Castle Yabusame Kishashiki 
July 24 (Sun.)


The archers march in the premises of the Ueda Castle. The construction that appears at the back  is the  turret  gate  Higashikoguchiyaguramon.



After the yabusame performance, pictures were taken with the local  executive committee and others. The Mayor of Kamakura observed the yabusame as specially invited guest as Ueda and Kamakura are sister cities.



Mishima Taisha Yabusame Ritual 
August 17  (Wed.)


Archers of Mishima Taisha harness the horse. In  Mishima Taisha, the Shinto priests of the Shrine participate in the yabusame  ritual.



Magistrate beats the drum in the Recording Station. The drum beats  signal the  hanotaiko for the trial run,  the tomenotaiko for the  ending of the shooting  and also  for the hits.



Samukawa Jinja Yabusame Ritual 
September 19  (Mon.)


Maraedo  Ritual is the purifying  of the horses’ legs. It is a singular ritual based on the ancient practices transmitted at the Samukawa Jinja since olden times. The Shinto priest of the Samukawa Jinja rides a horse  and participates as archer of the yabusame  ritual.



Archers march in line in front of the main shrine after concluding kaburaya hoken and ganmonsojo rituals.



Kamigamo Jinja Kasagake Ritual 
October 16  (Sun.)


The archer makes a hit with the metesugai style. Kamigamo Jinja is the only shrine that dedicates kasagake as sacred ritual.



The performance is held at the riding course installed in the grass ground of the Shrine premises. Every year, many spectators come to see the performance.



Todaiji Summit in Kamakura Yabusame  
October 30 (Sun.)


It was celebrated at the approach to the shrine similar to the Kamakuara Festival Yabusame at Tsurugaoka Hachimangu. Kamakura citizens were gathered to be shoyaku assisting the performance. Thus the yabusame gave a local atmosphere.



The archer hits the ceramic target.



Meiji Jingu Yabusame Ritual 
November 3 (Thu.)


The riding course is installed at the grass ground by the west approach of Meiji Jingu. The picture shows the archer on a trial run.



An exchange session took place with foreigners after the performance. The gathering  was a success with scores of foreigners asking positive questions.



Zushi Beach Yabusame Kishashiki 
November 20 (Sun.)


The controller of magistrates  marches  clad in  armor. Every year, the chairman of Zushi Society of Commerce and Industry is invited to be the controller of magistrates.



The archer is prepared to shoot. There are spectators from the sea as it is performed at the beach.




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