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Yabusame Schedule (Year 2021) 

Name of Event Date Place
Kawasaki Racecourse Yabusame Kishashiki January 3 (Sun.)
Kawasaki Racecourse
Odawara Plum Festival Yabusame Ritual February 11 (Thu.)
Soga, Odawara City
Yabusame commemorating the construction of the yabusame practice ground April 4 (Sun.) Kajiwara, Kamakura
Kamakura Festival Yabusame Ritual April 18 (Sun.)
Tsurugaoka Hachimangu
Fuji Omurosengen Jinja Yabusame Ritual April 29 (Thu.)
Fuji Kawaguchiko, Yamanashi Pref.
Commemorative Yabusame for the 150th Anniversary of the Foundation of Iseyama Kotai Jingu May 16 (Sun.) Nishi-ku, Yokohama
Miura Dosun Festival Kasagake  May 30 (Sun.)
Misaki Koajiro, Miura City
Yabusame Dedication to Wish for the Safe Holding of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games July 17 (Sat.)
Closed to the public due to measures against the coronavirus:
scheduled to be livestreamed
Meiji Jingu
Mishima Taisha Yabusame Ritual August 17 (Tue.) Mishima Taisha
Samukawa Jinja Yabusame Ritual September 19(Sun.) Samukawa Jinja
Kamigamo Jinja Kasagake Ritual October 17 (Sun.)
Kamigamo Jinja
Meiji Jingu Yabusame Ritual November 3 (Wed.)
Closed to the public due to measures against the coronavirus
Meiji Jingu
Zushi Beach Yabusame Kishashiki November 21(Sun.)
Zushi Beach, Zushi City



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youtube Yabusame Videos




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